Burning Regulations


 Central Oregon Fire Chiefs Announce Seasonal Burning Will Close at Sunset on May 31

The Central Oregon Fire Chiefs Association (COFCA) is closing open debris burning for residential and private lands across the tri-county region in Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson Counties. Burning debris piles on many private lands will not be allowed after sunset on May 31, 2022, as the area is still in extreme drought and heading into the summer wildland fire season.

“The Central Oregon Fire Chiefs met and many have chosen a closing date of May 31st to avoid escaped residential debris burns on private lands”, said COFCA Vice Chair Matt Smith, Fire Chief for  Crook County Fire & Rescue.

The Central Oregon Fire Chiefs Association strongly urges residents to create defensible space on their property. Until the burn season opens again in the fall, options include chipping the debris, hauling it to a local landfill or transfer site, or pile and cover it until fall.

Residents should contact their local fire protection agencies for additional burning information and regulations. All Central Oregon fire departments and rural fire districts will continue to monitor weather and fuel moisture conditions in their districts and may make modifications on a day-to-day basis.  Please call your local outdoor burning information line for current conditions. Fire agencies anticipate the opening of burn season again in late fall.  Links to Central Oregon fire agency web pages can be found HERE.

GENERAL BURN REGULATIONS (when debris burning is open)

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Call (541) 595-2288 prior to burning to find out if burning is allowed.
Burning will be allowed only when conditions warrant and when burning is open throughout Deschutes County.

Current burn regulations must be on site while burning.

You must have legal control of the property, or permission of the property owner where burning is conducted.

The ground shall be clear of combustible material for 10 feet outside of the fire in all directions.

No burning when temperatures exceed 90 degrees.

No burning when winds exceed 10 mph.

Maintain minimum distances of 25 ft from all structures.

Keep adequate firefighting equipment on hand at all times while burning. (Hose or Fire Extinguisher, Shovel)

All open burning must be 100% completely extinguished by sundown or before leaving unattended.

Anyone burning after sundown or leaving a fire unattended may be charged for suppression costs as a result.

Fires shall be attended at ALL times by a responsible person.

If a fire gets out of control, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY!